Babcox Video Capabilities

Babcox Video Solutions is the company's digital and multi-platform video production division.

Not only is the Babcox Garage Studio and Training Center the perfect place to shoot your product video or for the sponsorship of a brand studio, it is also available to host product demonstrations and seminars as part of a training or presentation. Using our entire campus, including the garage, studio and conference facilities, provides a one-location solution to launch, train and promote your new products.

Association Training

Babcox invites association partners to host regional training sessions in our facility throughout the year. Rental of the studio to film or conduct training classes strengthen association partnerships with its members.

Product Training

We encourage our supplier partners to host product launches, demonstrations, seminars and sales presentations in our garage studio.


The Babcox Garage Studio and Training Center can be a place for local IRFs, Tire Dealers, Car Dealers and others to host automotive education and training sessions (i.e. how to change a tire, do I really need new brakes, changing oil).


Local TV stations, video production companies and ad agencies may rent the space to produce segments, commercials and training videos.


Babcox Media has a long history of supporting college, trade school, and high school programs and encourage them to use the space for training and instructional videos (online education).

Consumer Video

Use the facility as place to create consumer videos or PSAs for the websites and digital products to help educate the consumer on the value of using a professional automotive repair shop for your vehicle service.

STEM Learning

Training facility on automotive and diagnostic technology as part of a junior high or high school lesson or curriculum.

Fixed Ops Training

A place where auto dealers can send technicians to learn latest repair procedures; explore new equipment and tools; and receive training.

Live Stream Host

Leverage our ability to livestream your events – either through our social media platforms or your own.Adding the live feed aspect to any of the events happening in the studio or conference areas provides real-time access to a larger audience as well as providing sponsors/advertisers with immediate reach and metrics/data about the audience.