How to Make Sense of Audience Engagement Analytics


If you’re playing the content marketing game, your goal is engagement. It’s the moment when you move your potential customers from brand recognition to brand purchase; when you stop being just a logo and become a message that your audience wants to hear. Engagement analytics will let you know you’re on the right track, but what do those numbers mean? […]

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Digital Solutions When Trade Shows Go Virtual

Marketers have always had the challenge of getting their message to the right audience, but now our jobs have become even harder. Most live trade shows and meetings have gone virtual. That means no booth visits, no live panels or product launches, and no dinners with our favorite or potential clients. So, how can we ensure our message is being heard? […]

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Three BIG Ways to Utilize Topical Targeting to Deliver Your Marketing Message

Data plays a critical role in direct marketing. It provides insight into audiences and allows marketers to make informed decisions. Using data, audiences can be segmented into highly focused groups, geographical and demographic details are determined, and results can be measured against benchmarks. Topical targeting utilizes data to track engagement with content. Each story on […]

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