Content Marketing – What is it?

“It is the art of communicating to customers without selling. Instead of pitching products or services, content marketing done well delivers information that makes buyers more intelligent.”

The Babcox Vault is a comprehensive content marketing platform serving the auto care industry. Powered by Babcox Media, the Vault aggregates content for shop owners, technicians, counter professionals, WDs, engine builders, tire and powersports dealers, fleet managers, automotive dealers and car was owners, operators and investors.

With access to the Vault, marketers can access a database of content available for syndication and set up a content feed to populate their website and various communication channels.

For more information on the Babcox Vault, contact:

Mitch Brian
330.670.1234 x289
[email protected]
Cathy Kulwicki
330.670.1234 x261
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Bobbie Adams
330.670.1234 x238
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