3 BIG Email Marketing Tips to Be Thankful For

People clinking glasses together over a Thanksgiving meal.

The holidays are upon us and you know what that means: family get-togethers. A time to enjoy good food and spend time with our friends and relatives.

While thinking about updates and stories to share with my family, I know I have to be selective. I can’t reserve long stories for Thanksgiving that require a captive audience. My family is big…and loud. If it’s not a quick anecdote, I’m sure to get drowned out.

We all have that one family member that attempts to tell a long-winded story about their recent golf trip or a funny tale about their friend’s cousin’s neighbor. Everyone either zones out and misses the punchline or side conversations start until the storyteller gets the cue and abruptly wraps it up. (Are you picturing someone yet?)

It’s clear these dinner guests aren’t marketers, or they would know to not bury the lead. 😉

Imagine your recipients’ inbox as the Thanksgiving table. You’re competing with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, warm dinner rolls…you need to stand out and get to the point! Too often, marketing emails act like loquacious uncles asking too much of their audience — long paragraphs saturated with links, images, and CTA buttons just begging to be ignored.

Avoid the drown-out with these 3 email marketing tips:

1. Feature just one call to action

A reader needs to know exactly why they are receiving an email. If they are being pulled to complete 3 different tasks, your results may be unsatisfactory. One of our marketing clients sent an email earlier this year that included CTAs to schedule a demo, download two different whitepapers, and click-through to a landing page where they were asked to fill out a contact form. Generating leads on the landing page was the client’s main objective, but the other CTAs distracted readers, and they did not meet their lead goal. In their next campaign, we pared down the content to focus on directing readers to the landing page, and they saw a major increase in engagement and leads.

2. Limit text to 1-2 paragraphs

Personal emails, work emails, text messages, social media posts…we are inundated with content all day, every day. Even when we are interested in a topic and subscribe to an email list, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to read the entire email. In a study on scrolling and attention, 57% of readers’ page-viewing time was spent above the fold and 74% of the viewing time was spent in the first two screenfuls. Limiting your marketing email to 1-2 short paragraphs (or less!) will keep your content above the fold and force you to include all pertinent information where it has a better chance of being seen.

3. Use relevant images

Too many images in an email can divert a reader from engaging with your CTA. Your copy should be able to stand alone and vice versa. A header image and one complimentary image in the body of your email are enough to communicate your message.

Don’t be the long-winded relative in someone’s inbox. Follow these 3 email marketing tips to communicate efficiently and experience the benefits of enthusiastic engagement. Babcox Innovation Group is here to help—let’s chat about your next campaign.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelsey Mayer joined Babcox Media in 2019 as Email Marketing Specialist and is now Digital Marketing & Audience Manager. She has a background in content marketing, social media management, and event planning. Kelsey is a 2013 graduate of The Ohio State University. Connect with Kelsey on LinkedIn or by email.

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