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About a month ago, my Mom told me to follow an interior designer she likes on Instagram that specializes in the very popular “modern farmhouse” style. It’s not exactly the look I like, but I kept following because her Instagram Stories are engaging—she recently adopted a baby, she owns a furniture store, and she’s remodeling her home.

A couple weeks later, my Mom and I were planning to go to a festival in a nearby town. That morning, I was scrolling through Instagram and watched the designer’s Story. She had just received a baby gift from a fellow business owner. She tagged the business in the Story and I clicked to view the profile. It was a clothing company that just so happened to be in the same town I was going to with my Mom. I scrolled through their feed and loved their products and company story. I made a point to visit the store that afternoon and ended up purchasing a pair of pants.

Within four hours of discovering the brand, I made a purchase. At first, I was shocked at how out of character this was for me. I usually research products and companies for weeks before buying, but after further thought, I realized these pants were not an impulse buy. Although I hadn’t been aware of the clothing store, I was exposed to their brand via a trusted source. For a month, I had been getting to know this interior designer and when she connected me to the clothing brand, I automatically had faith in their quality and company ethics.

I recently wrote about how important it is to build a relationship with customers, but it is also valuable to utilize the trust your partners and colleagues have already established with your industry.

According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, a majority of consumers reported they would prefer to purchase from a familiar, trusted brand overall; 66 percent of people surveyed would rather stick with their brand of choice than a competitor that is more innovative or technologically advanced, while 75 percent said they’d value trust more than trendiness. Additionally, 58 percent of people have bought a new product in the past six months because of an influencer’s recommendation.

Whether it’s a colleague with a strong social media presence or a publication with subscribed readers, it just makes sense to use those connections to broaden your reach.

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