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I am fascinated by the process musicians use to create the songs we hear on the radio every day. Putting the right words to the right music is a gift that this tone-deaf singer wishes he could do. No matter how many music lessons I have taken, it just does not click. Why does it click for them and not for me?

The secret is: it doesn’t click for them, at least not as fast as you think it does. Even great musicians need help. That help takes many forms, be it a writing workshop or the rhythmic beat of dripping water from a leaky faucet. Many of today’s top musicians have writing partners to put the perfect words with the right music. It’s not a new process. Whether its Lennon & McCarthy, Frey & Henley, or Axel & Slash, collaboration is sometimes the greatest source of inspiration. Where would Elton John be without Bernie Taupin, or Billie Eilish without her brother Finneas O’Connell? 

The most popular song this summer is from the artist Lil Nas X. This aspiring rapper, singer, and songwriter came to international fame for his country rap breakout single “Old Town Road“, which first achieved viral popularity on the video sharing app TikTok in early 2019. The song reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and remained there for a record nineteen weeks, the only song to do so since the chart started in 1958. As of August 2019, it has received over one billion streams on Spotify.

In interviews, Lil Nas X said he had the words, but struggled to find the right beat. With a limited budget, he went to a music sharing site, found the beat he wanted and paid $30 to use it with his song. He posted the song to social media where it gained a loyal following and soon was being shared by millions across the world. According to a CNBC article, a 19-year old from the Netherlands known as YoungKio created the “Old Town Road” beat, incorporating a sample from the song “34 Ghosts IV” by rock legends Nine Inch Nails. After the song exploded in popularity, the pair negotiated a new contract and began a collaboration on future projects. 

So where can you find your content-creating collaborators?

Babcox Media has your back. We are producing world-class content for our print publications, websites, e-newsletters, videos, podcasts, and social media channels. And, we are collaborating with marketers like you to help with your content marketing needs. We are producing original content daily for custom sponsored content, white paper downloads, webinars, and direct marketing e-mail campaigns. And in some cases, we have clients who “sample” some of our past work and repurpose it for their marketing needs. Collaboration is definitely a fun and creative process – let us help you with your story.

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Also check out this great video of Lil Nas X at the grade school in my neighborhood. He performed his hit song for the kids – their reaction to him on stage is priceless. It is also the prefect example of how viral marketing needs to be authentic and organic. 

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