Car Ownership vs. Ride-Sharing: Investigating Shifts in Auto Travel Attitudes

Continuing our series on consumer responses to the pandemic, we now dive deeper into the impact 2020 has had on the public’s attitude towards cars and auto travel. Though people still prefer driving over flying, that preference does not necessarily apply to all forms of auto travel equally. […]

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Air vs. Auto: A Glimpse into Post-Pandemic Traveling Trends

Air vs. Car Travel

Throughout the last year, our mentality was forced to adapt as frequently as our daily lives, and as such, it is now proving difficult to predict what we’ll keep and what we’ll toss aside when the dust settles. Will the adjustments we begrudgingly made become habits? Will current attitudes seep into post-pandemic thinking? […]

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Why Fleet Equipment went all in on digital

Fleet Equipment Going Digital

The reason is simple: It’s what the industry needed. I don’t have to rehash the pandemic impact, but it put a spotlight on the importance of Fleet Equipment‘s digital brand. What became crystal clear was that if our audience was waiting for a once-a-month print publication for their source of equipment operational insight, they were […]

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BodyShop Business Podcast Case Study

BodyShop Business has a strong print presence among collision repair facility owners and managers, reaching over 36,000 subscribers each month. In early 2020, BSB’s digital success was thanks to several weekly videos series and highly anticipated daily eNewsletters, delivering news and industry insights to an audience of nearly 20,000 subscribers. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit […]

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What heavy-duty trucking fleets are consuming

Happy New Year, trucking industry friends! Hope you all had an excellent holiday season. I definitely did, but not for the reasons you might expect. In the name of social distancing and taking the strictest of pandemic precautions, I bunkered down in the basement of an undisclosed location with nothing but a high-speed internet connection […]

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Making Data-Informed Marketing Decisions

You can walk around in the dark, but when it’s pitch black there is a chance something bad could happen. By the same token, you want to keep the lights on when you are marketing, it lessens the chance of something bad happening. One way to keep the lights on is through research to understand your target audience. […]

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What shape will your marketing plan be in when the world gets back to ‘normal’?

Are you still focusing on the new normal of working from home, distance learning and Zoom meetings?  Are you the person sending co-workers viral memes or commenting on the latest show you binge-watched this week? Your competition sure hopes so.  Your competition has been on the phone with me discussing her strategy to regain market […]

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