Enterprise Software Provider


AutoSuccess Audience – Owners, GMs, and Service Managers at dealerships – PLUS past attendees of NADA.


$20,000 for the one-month period after NADA, $10,000 per month for two consecutive months after that.


Encourage form-fill inquiries to learn more, drive awareness of the Enterprise Software Provider and its solutions.

How We Did It

In this instance we leveraged our digital ID data on past NADA show attendees as the foundational element of the campaign. We also included specific dealership job titles such as dealer principle/owner, GM, used car manager, internet manager and service manager as part of the look-alike campaign modeling. We delivered programmatic display ads and 15 second spots over connected TV devices to recent NADA attendees with specific job titles as well as to individual who fit the profile  as key decision makers in the dealership environment.

Other Use Cases

Use Cases

Global Tire Manufacturer

Strategized how to incent independent tire dealers in three-state area to carry a manufacturer's line of tires.

Use Cases

Global OE

To sell more parts related to service under the car, we created a subset of data from one of our client's first-party email data.

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