Global OE


Independent repair facilities focused on work under the car (Brake and Front End)


$11K budget per 30 days, program will run quarterly ($44k annually)


Educate IRF owners & technicians of the benefits of participating in an OE loyalty program.

How We Did It

With a desire to create loyalty and sell more parts related to service under the car, we created a subset of data from our Brake and Front End first party email data. We used this CRM data to create a programmatic campaign that delivered targeted ads to our email subscribers as well as a new audience of look-alike models representing shop owners and technicians in a specific targeted area of the country.

Other Use Cases

Use Cases

Global Tire Manufacturer

Strategized how to incent independent tire dealers in three-state area to carry a manufacturer's line of tires.

Use Cases

Enterprise Software Provider

Encouraged form-fill inquiries to learn more, drive awareness of the Enterprise Software Provider and its solutions.

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