Global Tire Manufacturer


Segment of the Tire Review (independent tire dealer) data.


$25K per 30 days. (quarterly) $100K annually.


Incent independent tire dealers in three-state area to carry their line of tires. (Lead capture form fill…keep in mind, this is likely being done in conjunction with a webinar).

Keep their brand top of mind to dealers that already carry their tires (simple awareness).

How We Did It

We started with a thorough analysis of our first party data to ensure that we were targeting the most influential voices from a subset of our independent tire dealers. Once we identified the right job title and street address data, and areas of opportunity, we assisted in the development of two creative sets, applied data-gathering pixels to their landing page, and then optimized our approach throughout the campaign. This tactic combined a facility targeting campaign (street address subscriber data) with a recent key word search campaign that delivered programmatic ads based ona recent search at that location.

Other Use Cases

Use Cases

Global OE

To sell more parts related to service under the car, we created a subset of data from one of our client's first-party email data.

Use Cases

Enterprise Software Provider

Encouraged form-fill inquiries to learn more, drive awareness of the Enterprise Software Provider and its solutions.

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