What heavy-duty trucking fleets are consuming

Happy New Year, trucking industry friends! Hope you all had an excellent holiday season. I definitely did, but not for the reasons you might expect. In the name of social distancing and taking the strictest of pandemic precautions, I bunkered down in the basement of an undisclosed location with nothing but a high-speed internet connection […]

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How to Make Sense of Audience Engagement Analytics


If you’re playing the content marketing game, your goal is engagement. It’s the moment when you move your potential customers from brand recognition to brand purchase; when you stop being just a logo and become a message that your audience wants to hear. Engagement analytics will let you know you’re on the right track, but what do those numbers mean? […]

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Making Data-Informed Marketing Decisions

You can walk around in the dark, but when it’s pitch black there is a chance something bad could happen. By the same token, you want to keep the lights on when you are marketing, it lessens the chance of something bad happening. One way to keep the lights on is through research to understand your target audience. […]

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Three BIG Ways to Utilize Topical Targeting to Deliver Your Marketing Message

Data plays a critical role in direct marketing. It provides insight into audiences and allows marketers to make informed decisions. Using data, audiences can be segmented into highly focused groups, geographical and demographic details can be determined, and results can be measured against benchmarks. Topical targeting utilizes data to track engagement with content. Each story […]

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