Drive Engagement & Build Community with Personification

Merriam-Webster defines personification as the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristic to something nonhuman. Here at Babcox, we implement personification by cultivating an authentic brand voice online, focusing on real relationship over vanity metrics, and proactively networking within our communities.  […]

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Why Fleet Equipment went all in on digital

Fleet Equipment Going Digital

The reason is simple: It’s what the industry needed. I don’t have to rehash the pandemic impact, but it put a spotlight on the importance of Fleet Equipment‘s digital brand. What became crystal clear was that if our audience was waiting for a once-a-month print publication for their source of equipment operational insight, they were […]

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Content marketing: good news and bad news

Content Marketing Good news Bad news Featured

Which do you want first? Let’s start with the good news: your story matters. The challenges you’ve faced, the solutions you’ve created and the team that makes it all work for your clients and customers are all part of an important story that deserves to be told. But here’s the bad news: you have to […]

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What shape will your marketing plan be in when the world gets back to ‘normal’?

Are you still focusing on the new normal of working from home, distance learning and Zoom meetings?  Are you the person sending co-workers viral memes or commenting on the latest show you binge-watched this week? Your competition sure hopes so.  Your competition has been on the phone with me discussing her strategy to regain market […]

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Closing Business Doors Means Opening Marketing Opportunity

My friend Joe fulfilled a life-long dream when he purchased an Italian restaurant in January.  Joe looked for years for the perfect location, finally settling on a family-owned, sit-down shop on the westside of Cleveland.  One of the first actions Joe took when becoming owner was offering take-out options, including carry-out pizza. The first month […]

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Your Audience is Listening: Podcast & Video Interview Opportunities

Social distancing guidelines have recently compelled all of us to get creative with how we connect with others in both our personal and professional lives. This past weekend, I had ‘virtual brunch’ with a friend who lives in LA. We haven’t lived in the same city for over 10 years and never thought to have […]

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How to Deliver Your Message and Connect with Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the uncertainty around the coronavirus virus pandemic increases, many public events are being canceled in an attempt to limit large gatherings of people and the possible spread of the disease. Many conferences and industry events are being postponed and companies are limiting travel and opting to allow employees to work from home to assist […]

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Defining Your Brand Identity

During a campaign event in 2011, then presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a speech where he said one way to increase funding entitlements was to raise taxes on people.  Before he could finish the rest of his argument, a person in the crowd yelled out “corporations!” to which Romney replied that “corporations are people, my […]

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